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Experience the beauty of the untouched island of Lombok and explore the wonderful nature and rich history with our private guided tours!

If you want to experience the local culture and learn more about the history of Lombok the Sasak and Sendang Gili waterfall tours are the perfect way to do just that.

The South Coast and Island Hope tour are for those of you up for adventuring some of the most beautiful beaches and waterfalls in the world. Have your GoPro ready because the scenery on these tours is something you will want to look back on time and time again!

Our tours have every aspect covered, just choose what one interests you the most and let us take care of the rest.

DEPARTURE TIME 08.00 – 09.00 am
RETURN TIME 08.00 pm
WEAR Comfortable clothing, boots / flip flop, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Public speedboat from Gili                     Trawangan to Lombok Private car with driver ( petrol           included )
Entrance fee admission for every destination Tour Guide
Private Speedboat from Lombok to Gili Trawangan
Surfing equipment
Instructor gratuity
Senaru village & Sendang Gile waterfall
Tanjung traditional market
Bayan village

*This offer is for a limited time only.
*All bookings must be confirmed at least 30 days prior to travel dates
*All prices are in USD

Here is a break down of whats in store with your waterfall tour!

Start from Gili Trawangan public harbor and transfer to Lombok using public speed boat. Our Professional driver will be waiting for you at arrivals with our “The Gili Guide” Sign with your name and take you to your first destination.


First Destination

Tanjung traditional market: The Tanjung traditional markets are only open in the morning daily. It is a colorful local market with fruits and foods traded by local people for their daily needs. Here we will spend around 30 minutes and then off we go to our second destination, Sendang Gile waterfall.


Second Destination

Senaru village & Sendang Gile waterfall. Sendang Gile waterfall is 600 meters above sea level on the foot of famous volcanic Mountain, Rinjani. The waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Lombok and irrigates the environment with it’s crystal clear water. Senaru traditional village is where century old mountain tribes lived and today still forms a big part of Lombok’s history. Senarus waterfalls are amongst Lomboks most spectacular, especially after climbing the 200 plus vertical steps down to stand below them. The water cascades down the hillside into a rocky stream below. Next is a short trek through the jungle and river to the lovely Tiu Kelep waterfall nearby. Here the water flows into a pool at the base of the waterfall and is amazing for swimming. You can climb up to the magical hidden cave behind the waterfall, which local legend that says for every time you pass behind the waterfall you take one year off your age and become younger! After 3 hours here trying to rejuvenate your youth we travel to Bayan village where the oldest mosque in Lombok is.


Third Destination

Bayan village. Bayan village is a small village in north Lombok where you can find the oldest mosque. This Mosque is one of the inestimable historical heritages of Islam in Lombok, which is believe to be built upon Islam arrival on 16th century on the beautiful island of Lombok.


Fourth Destination

Malimbu Cliff : There are plenty of beautiful places you can visit if you want to see a beautiful sunset in Lombok. However Malimbu Hill gives you a special sunset view that you cannot find in any other place. Rumor has it its the best place to see sunset in Lombok! Malimbu hill is the a perfect place to wind down after a big day of adventure in Lombok, with the final destination, dinner in Sengiggi.


Fifth Destination

Sengigi: The Senggigi region is the main tourist destination on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The main town is Senggigi itself, and the whole area is well known for its beautiful west facing beaches. There are plenty of eating options in Senggigi, with a surprising array of Western-style dishes on the menu. We will spend time here to get your dinner and after, home time to Gili Trawangan using private speed boat!

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